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About this blog

What you get when you get right down to it


Why is this blog called that?

When I worked as the Webmaster for Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, I became the sort of default PR person for the IT department. Whenever something was going to change or had to be done, it was usually my job to notify the staff.

Now, most staff will either not care or not understand why they should care when someone tells them that their web server is about to be upgraded. So, I would usually send emails telling them “We’re going to be doing an upgrade to the web server,” followed by a section entitled “What does this mean to me, Laura?” In that section, I would explain why it might matter to them (e.g., the web site might be down for a bit, don’t make changes to the web site for a while, etc) or things to watch out for. The staff seemed to appreciate the breakdown of things to layman’s terms, and the sense of humor with which they were presented.

Part of our mission at OPLIN is to keep Ohio libraries abreast of what’s happening in the fast-changing landscape of technology. Let’s be honest here–nobody can keep up with everything that is going on, no matter how many blogs they might have in their feed reader. Just maybe, this blog will bring a little sense to the world, one technology at a time.

Alternatively, it could just sit and take up space on the server. You be the judge.

Can I suggest something for you to cover?

Sure, please do. However, I have limits. Please don’t ask for items along the lines of “Tell everyone why the <marquee> tag is still ok to use.” I will have to come hunt you down and I suspect that nearly every web developer in the state might be willing to assist.  Otherwise, please email suggestions to laura@oplin.ohio.gov.