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Beyond the visual avatar

(Something kind of fun for a slow(er) Friday.)

A couple of weeks ago I covered Weblins here, and someday, I promise, I’ll get to avatars and gravatars.  Each of those examples is a visual way to represent yourself on the web through various web sites and applications.  Now, there’s a way to have an aural representation of yourself as well.  Thanks to a collaboration between a beatboxer and a team of Ruby on Rails programmers, you can now have an acoustical avatar all your own.  It’s called a Soundbadge.  Just fill in some personality questions and almost immediately you will be presented with a small sound loop that is supposed to represent you.  You can then embed the sound loop on any web page by simply cutting and pasting a very small code snippet that Soundbadge generates for you.  Here’s mine:

What does this mean to me, Laura?

  1. Possibly, not much.  But part of effectively delving into all things Web is the ability to play.  You’re never too old to play with new toys.
  2. This might actually be a fun link for a teen site.  Or have your library generate its own Soundbadge and embed it in your teen site.  Ask your teen patrons to make their own and share it.
  3. You can edit your badge at any time, so if you suddenly feel depressed, your Soundbadge can easily reflect that. Could be a fun way for kids to keep up with the “moods” of their local librarians.
  4. People like to find ways to make themselves stand out among the huddled masses of the web.  This is a new and unique entry into the “Distinguish Yourself” category.