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Cliphy: Add fun to words

I spend a fair amount of time testing out new online tools, usually of the free variety. Some don’t work as advertised. Some are cool, and I sing their praises to the virtual rooftops. Others are just useful in very specific ways. Cliphy is one of these niche tools that just does one thing, and does it well.

Look at the graphic, above, with the blog’s title being animated. That’s why Cliphy does: it takes your text and allows you to change the font, font size, background color and the gif animation used in the letters. It creates an animated GIF, which you can download or easily share out to a variety of social media platforms.  Here’s another example:

Your words here.

So, a simple tool, with fun applications, especially for social media. (Oh, and it integrates nicely into Slack, also, if your workplaces uses it like mine.) Enjoy!