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A simple idea for personalizing your patrons’ experience

If you’ve been paying any attention to digital marketing trends, then you already know that one of the next big things is the personalization of the user experience. Today, I was reading an article about a recent Adobe study about Millenials and cross-device experiences (definitely worth a read, BTW). One chart in particular really struck me:

Chart showing a large number of people will give up personal info in return for certain benefits

I am guessing that most libraries collect birthday information when people sign up for a library card.  Maybe I’m wrong about that. But if they don’t, maybe they should, since age is a personal facet many consumers seem reasonably comfortable about giving out.  Once you have that information, why not use it in a way that benefits the patron and the library?

I work for libraries, I’m in libraries all the time and, even so, between my son and I, I’m pretty sure we’re contributing a significant portion to some of their budgets because of overdue fines (yeah, I know, get that stuff back on time, blah blah blah).  I would absolutely love if one of those libraries knew me well enough to email me a coupon for a percentage or even a waiver of my fines on my birthday.  Baskin Robbins sends me a coupon for a free scoop every year. Why can’t my library? Is this idea really that complicated?

Not only is this a win for the patron, but it’s a win for the library in good will and encourages an actual physical visit to the building.