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Because you’re not getting much work done anyway (2017 edition)

Happy holidays! It’s time for my annual collection of Stuff You Didn’t Know Existed But Can Waste Your Time On. You know, in case you needed help not getting your work done.

  • Sandcastles: If you, like most people, feel that 2017 has left much to be desired, this site won’t help. Watch the virtual sandcastles you build be inexorably wiped away by the tide.
  • Short Trip: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the little guy to the train station and on and off the train. Gorgeous black and white images make this a fun little waste of time.
  • Ribbons: Look at the pretty digital ribbons! Move your mouse around! No, really, that’s it.
  • The Web Design Museum: See screenshots of many famous websites as they appeared between 1995 and 2005. If your website still looks like any of these, you really need to hire somebody.
  • Excusator: Need an automatically generated excuse? Need a fun animated GIF to go with that excuse? Here you go.
  • Watson Knows Me:  You’ll need a Twitter handle for this one. Let Watson, IBM’s really big, famous AI analyze your Twitter account and figure out your personality profile. Nothing like being told you’re an awful human being by artificial intelligence.
  • Napflix: Need something exciting to watch? Go somewhere else. Napflix provides oodles of boring, sleepy videos to help you cure insomnia.
  • WhaleSynth: This is a fun musical doohickey that allows you to create whale-like sounds.
  • Clickclickclick.click: Possibly the most annoying site on the Internet. It has one trick: it narrates whatever you’re doing on the screen, much as a pychologist might. Go take a look and play around, then share it with someone who needs more irritation in their life.
  • Purrli: “The Internet has a cat.” Mess with various controls so that you can listen to the absolutely perfect cat’s purr.
  • Google’s AutoDraw: This AI analyzes what you’re doodling in real time to suggest a more polished piece of clip art to replace it. It even figured out my sorry excuse for a cat.

What does this mean to me, Laura?

Probably not much, unless I’ve left your favorite out.  Let me know which fun and cool sites you found this year in the comments.

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