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Because you’re not getting much work done anyway (2018 edition)

Happy holidays! It’s time for my annual collection of Online Stuff To Waste Time On. You know, in case you needed help not getting your work done.

  • Hear the sound of a vintage Viewmaster and dozens of other long-forgotten sounds of everyday life. German website “Conserve the Sound” allows you to choose the sound you want to hear by photos of the items. Ah, the nostalgia.
  • Order random pizza. “Because maybe you were never fair to pineapple.”  Try Pizza Roulette, where you specify how many pizzas you want and where to send them. This website (and Dominos) does the rest.
  • Create music using YouTube videos…in B flat only.  A nifty collaborative project. Contributors all provided music sample videos (in B flat) and you get to pick and choose which to play, to create your own unique sound.
  • Countdown to Christmas with a very unique Advent calendar. An interesting and visually exciting online experiment featuring the works of a variety of digital artists. 
  • Find out how long it will take to read that new book.  Search reading times for more than 12 million titles to find out how long a particular book takes the average reader to plow through. And there’s even a little reading test you can take, to see what your own average speed is.
  • Xmasify your webpage. Put in a URL. Watch the magic happen.  Be sure to mouse over the top of the page after the transformation.
  • Tap squares. Annoy the hell out of your coworkers. Each square in this grid has a different beat. Tap them on or off to create your own repetitive beat track. 
  • Find the invisible cow. Speaking of annoying coworkers, play this online version of “Hot and Cold.” (You’ll need your sound on).  Use the audio cues to find the cow.
  • Forget shortening URLs. Make them look suspicious and virus-riddled with this fun little tool. Enter your perfectly credible URL and watch what comes out. Yes, they really work.

What does this mean to me, Laura?

Probably not much, unless I’ve left your favorite out.  Let me know which fun and cool sites you found this year in the comments.

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