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Because you’re probably not getting much work done anyway….

I thought I’d give you some more ways to waste time, online. 🙂

Check out some of these sites:

  • Web Sudoku: “Billions of free Sudoku puzzles to play online.” You can play levels from “Easy” to “Evil.” There’s even a downloadable application that you can play offline on your Mac or PC.
  • Lookybook: If you’re a children’s librarian, you might be able to say this is work-related. This, in a sense, takes Amazon.com’s “Look Inside!” feature one step further, with children’s picture books. You can see the entire book online. You can post your own reviews of the books, and see what else you might like based on what you’re looking at.
  • Wikisky: If you’re interested in astronomy, you could probably spend hours here. Imagine Google Maps, except it’s space.
  • Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? The LHC might be offline for a good while, but you can check the status of existence anytime with this handy tool.
  • MagMyPic: Create fake magazine covers with any photo. This site also recently added the ability to do comic book covers.
  • Motivator: Similar to MagMyPic, but with motivational posters.
  • MyHeritage Face Recognition: Upload a photo of yourself and this site will tell you what celebrity you look most like.
  • Why You Should Continue to Date Me: A Series of Charts and Graphs.: I think the title says it all, here.
  • Let Me Google That For You: Reference staff will appreciate this. ‘Nuff said.
  • Internet Memes: Did you miss a viral video that everyone else seems to know about? Or want to see internet memes on a cool timeline? Very cool, but be warned that some videos are NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

If you want to waste time but not to feel guilty about it, try Free Rice. Test your vocabulary skills while earning rice that will be donated through the United Nations. (This game also warns right on the front page that it could improve your job performance. )

Happy holidays!

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