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How are you wasting time?

It’s the week before Christmas.  Let’s be honest here…most of us are not thinking about work.  If Twitter and Facebook are any indication, most people I know are physically at work, but mentally they’re caroling and gulping eggnog.  (I plead the Fifth, myself.)

So, today I asked folks what they wasted time on, online (not necessarily at work).  I was curious about some things:

  1. What specific things they choose to do online, and
  2. What things they (perhaps unwittingly) classified as “wastes of time?”
  3. What fun things might I possibly be missing? 🙂

Without further ado, here are most of the responses:

  • “Gaming”
  • “Trolling”
  • “The fun stuff at HuffingtonPost.com
  • “Looking for recipes and giving $$ to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Addictive, all of them”
  • Facebook, Slashdot, and Toy-a-day . Although the last one has more of an offline component”
  • Twitter , blog reading”
  • “I really hate to admit it, but I play Mafia Wars on Facebook. Such a guilty pleasure…”
  • “Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. Gotta see how my friends are celebrating/what they’re getting for xmas while I’m w/ my own fam”
  • “Twitter!”
  • “Facebook. I’ve let many of my apps go…will probably revive the farm, and the fish. Definitely play some scrabble!”

(It’s only fair that I throw my own in there, so I’ll list my own time-waster:  Bejeweled.  A simple puzzle game that I can play for seemingly endless amounts of time. And live Scramble on Facebook.  Please don’t look at how many games of that I’ve played.  It’s frightening.)

What does this mean to me, Laura?

I was a little surprised not to see more Facebook apps appear in the list, especially considering that’s where the majority of the responses came from.  Aside from that, perhaps I’ll have to investigate Toy-A-Day. Not too much in the way of analysis today…there’s not much room in my brain, considering that the elves are filling the place up with garland and I can’t get “Frosty the Snowman” out of my head.

I hope your holidays are grand and full of opportunities to waste time.