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Make your own animated GIFs from video captures–easy

Animated GIFs are everywhere, especially in social media. Even my Android phone has many built into its SMS app. They’ve become a very common part of modern communication. Not only do they effectively communicate emotions, but they have a significant entertainment value as well.

Would your library like to make it’s own? (Who wouldn’t?)

All you need is a little browser extension (Chrome, Firefox) called MakeGif Video Capture. The extension allows you to capture a segment of any online video and export it as a GIF.  It’s very simple.  You click the MakeGIF icon in your browser’s toolbar, which gets you this:

First screenshot using MakeGif
Just click the “Start” and “Done” buttons to get the specific section of the video you need.
Second screenshot of MakeGIF
Then click the “Generate GIF” button.
Just download the finished GIF.

So,here’s my finished product:

Finished GIF capture

Have fun with this!